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BELLE ENTENTE offers bespoke French linguistic and cultural coaching to individuals and groups as well as translation and professional language services to corporate clients.


Through our outstanding French courses and lifestyle activities, we provide the quality and flexibility of private tutoring associated with the enjoyment of French art de vivre and the mastering of French business etiquette.


BELLE ENTENTE offers an extra-ordinary learning experience. By combining the following elements into one vision of language and culture coaching, we help you achieve your specific objectives and offer solutions to sophisticated ambitions:


BELLE ENTENTE offers one-to-one and group coaching with a native French tutor qualified with the highest academic credentials for the mastering of the French language and culture.


In a very rare combination of skills, your tutor also has first-hand experience and insider knowledge of France’s “monde des affaires” (business world).


Going beyond simple language teaching, we include cultural coaching for personal and professional situations within our French courses to help you impress your interlocutors with your cultural awareness and avoid any French etiquette faux-pas.


We also offer access to our network of contacts in the French community to help you achieve your specific objectives.


Contact us or register for our newsletter (through our contact form) for more information and upcoming events.


For whom?


  • Individuals in their own time (evening and weekend French classes available)

  • Corporate clients and HR : one-to-one or small groups French classes in a corporate setting, language assessment, translation services

  • Families and friends: regular classes or bespoke and themed courses for a special occasion (birthday gift, Christmas gift, wedding anniversary...)


Do you travel to France on a regular basis and would like to better connect with the locals, beyond the simple “bonjour” and “merci”?

Do you want to feel more comfortable and culturally aware next time you are having a meeting with your important French clients/business partners?

Are you considering relocating to France in the future and therfore need to learn French as well as become more aware of the cultural keys to a successful expatriation?

Are you taking your loved one(s) to France for a weekend or a holiday and want to make the most of it?

Do you want to discover the secrets of France’s iconic luxury and heritage brands?

Do you have a very specific occasion you need to prepare for? (job interview, social occasion, speech writing and delivery, holiday or expatriation preparation….) 

As a company, do you want to train your staff to raise their language skills, cultural awareness and ability to create a meaningful relationship with a French speaking audience?

Heloise has been my French tutor for over two years, and I chose her based on her impeccable credentials and high qualifications in the area. I decided to start learning French as an adult and despite few self-learning attempts I came to Heloise as a complete beginner. What set Heloise apart from other tutors was her ability to tailor the lessons to my needs, offering 100% individual approach, the right pace and flexibility. Not only was I progressing fast in learning the language and able to focus on what I considered my weaker areas, thanks to Heloise’s background and knowledge I was also getting invaluable tuition in French culture, history, politics, literature, etc. which I believe should always form part of language studies. I would recommend Heloise to anyone who values high quality teaching and individual approach.

Timea L. - Intermediate speaker

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