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About Us

Meet Héloïse Prieur, a native French speaker, born and raised in Paris, and a Londoner for several years now. Multilingual, passionate about languages and cultures, Héloïse founded BELLE ENTENTE knowing that she could deliver a French learning experience based on an extra-ordinary combination of values and credentials:





Heloïse graduated in humanities, political sciences and history in France’s most selective establishments. Latin, ancient Greek, French literature, history and philosophy have been continuously inspiring and nurturing her teaching. Her own enthusiasm and quest for excellence lead her to set the highest possible standards for BELLE ENTENTE, leaving no stone unturned and always going the extra mile when it comes to our clients’ learning progress.





Teaching and coaching require a particular set of skills and a true appetite. Over the course of a first career in corporate communications, speech writing and CEO counselling, Heloïse has acquired extensive training and coaching experience; she has also been an academic speaker for master students with a fashion business school in Paris for several years and a French tutor for over a decade.





Many French courses provide academic solutions but rarely is this associated with cultural intelligence based on a true insider’s knowledge. Heloïse’s career led her to work both in government-related matters, as well as French emblematic luxury/lifestyle organisations, managing their reputation and narrative. BELLE ENTENTE’s clients access a wealth of cultural insights and connections, allowing them to understand how French people do business and work together in a variety of professional sectors.





We believe language and culture go hand in hand. And we want you to keep your motivation high to help you achieve solid progress. Relying on a wealth of experience working with emblematic French luxury brands in Paris and London (French fragrance, major French wine families etc.), we can offer the most exciting French lifestyle experiences to embellish your learning journey.


“We live in a complex and challenging world where cultural awareness can make the difference between success and failure, meaning and shallowness.

My clients have often tried various learning methods, whether group classes or self learning through apps, for instance. They arrive to BELLE ENTENTE carrying a bit of confusion and frustration .

My role is to bring clarity about which pedagogy works for them and put them back on the track of motivation and solid progress”.

Héloïse Prieur, Founder of BELLE ENTENTE

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