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For whom?

  • for companies looking to train staff in order to raise their language skills, cultural awareness and ability to create a meaningful relationship with a French-speaking audience (whether colleagues, business partners, BtoB clients, the general public…);

  • for human resources and recruitment professionals looking to assess or improve a candidate’s level in French alongside his/her cultural awareness and ability to interact with French-speaking interlocutors;

  • for organisations in need of qualitative translation or transposition / adaptation services (English to French, French to English);

  • for marketing / PR agencies and departments designing campaigns intended to a French-speaking audience.

Our corporate services are available online as well as in-person. Peruse our services below and contact us for any enquiry.


  • One to one French classes, online or in-person (read more here )
  • Small groups seminars: join one of our regular seminars or contact us for a bespoke or private course (read more here )
  •  Ad hoc coaching (read more here )


Specialising in C-level and senior executives assessment, we will help you test and confirm a candidate’s language skills in French alongside his/her cultural awareness and ability to interact successfully with a French-speaking audience. 

Our services range from language assessment and in situ testing/simulation to refresher sessions or coaching to achieve the desired level.  


Our special events and experiences are a great way to reward or incentivise your team, loyal customers or business contacts in a meaningful way!


BELLE ENTENTE offers immersion experiences, workshops and events for individuals who share an interest in France, its culture, etiquette and lifestyle. 


We can also help you build your bespoke experience, based on your special occasion or particular objectives (read more here).


Our services range from specialised translation / transposition to proof-reading and assessment of documents intended to a French-speaking audience. Our thorough experience, knowledge of proper grammar and styles as well as cultural background will help you obtain the most efficient and qualitative result.

  • Industry specific translation services (English to French ; French to English)
  • Adaptation from English to French
  • Proof-reading of your copy or video


Our courses can be taken partially or totally online, via live video calls. 

Should your busy schedule take you away for a few weeks, we will make sure your learning continues to run smoothly.

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