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Gift Cards



Looking for a convivial and meaningful present?

We are offering Gift Cards for our online French private classes and themed Seminars for individuals, couples and small groups. 

You may peruse our selection and order directly below. Should you have any question or wish to arrange a bespoke gift, simply contact us.


How to redeem a gift card:

Simply contact us via our contact form with your Gift Card number and we will assist you immediately in arranging your course.


Gift cards terms and conditions:

• Dates: unless stated otherwise, the Gift Card is valid for 6 months after the date of purchase. Dates will be arranged between yourself and the tutor according to availabilities.

• Cancellation: you can cancel your purchase up to 14 days after the date of purchase and get a full refund. No refund will be available after this time.

• The wine seminar is open to learners aged 18 and over. We reserve the right to refuse admission.


Perfect for: someone who always wanted to learn French but doesn’t know where to start or s omeone who has studied a long time ago and needs to go back to the basics.


Start learning French with our special beginner course: “ Enchanté!”- How to introduce yourself in French and start the conversation.

This live online course with your private tutor is the perfect first step to discover what French is all about. You will leave with the ability to introduce yourself and start a social conversation; you will also be introduced to key grammatical concepts and will have an idea of how the French language works.



Made of 4 sessions over 3-5 weeks to allow time for revisions and consolidation of knowledge, this Seminar covers the basics of French casual introductions through different themes (social introduction and etiquette, talking about where you live, your profession, your hobbies...) and help you gain some confidence to start a conversation.


What is included:

• 4 live private classes with your tutor to be scheduled over 3-5weeks,

• all vocabulary and grammatical notes,

• Access to your tutor in-between classes for questions or advice.


Duration and fees:

• For 2 people: 4 x 1h30: Special offer £290 total ( usual value  £390)

• For 3,4 or 5 people: 4 x 1h45:   Special offer £340 total ( usual value £149 per person)

• Private One-to-one course > please enquire here


This course is run online and live with your tutor.


Perfect for: a forthcoming occasion involving interaction with French interlocutors: job interview, meeting the French in-laws, wedding toast, speech writing, holiday…


According to your level, we will help you prepare for a particular occasion or subject, whether social or professional.


What to expect: When you book your coaching with us, we will discuss your specific objectives and will prepare the coaching accordingly. Coaching will be made of 3 sessions of one hour (extensions are available if needed), between which you will be encouraged to practice and progress into your preparation.


BELLE ENTENTE can help you acquire a better vocabulary and understanding of the cultural background in which your French interlocutors operate, whether clients or business partners, future neighbours or family-in-law! We can also help you articulate more efficiently your speech, business proposals, communications etc. intended for a French-speaking audience.


Duration and fee:

3 x 1 hour one-to-one (we recommend to leave a few days between each class to allow time for homework and practice):  £169


This course is run online and live with your tutor.


Fond of la dive bouteille (the divine bottle)? Look no further: with a passion for wine and experience working with the most prestigious French Chateaux, we are delighted to present our Specialist French course dedicated to wine amateurs.


With a focus on French appellations and styles, from choosing the right wine and the right glass, to pouring, tasting (obviously!) and commenting (obviously aussi!), we will make sure you leave with enough knowledge in both the wine and French language department to allow for exciting conversations with French business partners, wine amateurs, sommeliers and chateaux owners!


Required level: on this occasion we will focus on vocabulary and already formed sentences (versus grammar rules etc.). Alongside advanced speakers, intermediate and false beginners are welcome and there is an option to take an extra one-hour class on top of the seminar itself for grammatical explanations and refreshers on some key French language structures.


What is included:

• 2 private classes of  1h30 each with your tutor,

• all vocabulary and grammatical notes,

• access to your tutor in-between classes for questions or advice.


Duration and fees:

A 3-hour course over two sessions 2 x 1h30

• Private one-to-one: £149

• 2 people: £195 total

• 3, 4 or 5 people: special offer £225 total

• Extra one-hour French grammar class: £50 ( unique fee whatever the number of participants -  must be attached to the main course)


This course is run online and live with your tutor.



Gift your loved one(s) with a bespoke program of private French classes, to be taken over 1, 2 or 3 months.  These classes are run online and live with your tutor.


This gift is available for all levels: from total beginners to advanced speakers who need extra language and culture coaching to reach the next level.


The classes will be fully bespoke to your personal objectives and needs and t he pedagogy tailored to your learning pace and preferences (frequency of classes, subjects, media and learning materials, ratio between speaking/listening/writing/reading skills etc.).


And as standard with BELLE ENTENTE, Language and French culture are taught hand in hand. We believe a better understanding of the French culture and habits will help you progress faster and feel more comfortable when interacting with your French interlocutors.


What you can expect:

We will establish clear objectives with you so that you know what you are working towards.

The program will incorporate homework and revision to do on your own time between your classes.


Regular students also enjoy complimentary access to the BELLE ENTENTE French Culture Club (free conversation sessions + preferential rate on paid-for events).


To offer as a gift, kindly contact us to discuss the various options available.


Heloise has been my French tutor for over two years, and I chose her based on her impeccable credentials and high qualifications in the area. I decided to start learning French as an adult and despite few self-learning attempts I came to Heloise as a complete beginner. What set Heloise apart from other tutors was her ability to tailor the lessons to my needs, offering 100% individual approach, the right pace and flexibility. Not only was I progressing fast in learning the language and able to focus on what I considered my weaker areas, thanks to Heloise’s background and knowledge I was also getting invaluable tuition in French culture, history, politics, literature, etc. which I believe should always form part of language studies. I would recommend Heloise to anyone who values high quality teaching and individual approach.

Timea L. - Intermediate speaker

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