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  • Provided by a native and experienced French tutor and fully bespoke to your personal objectives and needs.
  • A pedagogy tailored to your own learning pace and preferences (subjects, media and learning materials, ratio between speaking/listening/writing/reading skills etc.)
  • Language and French culture taught hand in hand: a better understanding of the French culture and habits will help you progress faster and feel more comfortable when interacting with your French interlocutors.
  • All levels: from total beginners to advanced speakers who need extra language and culture coaching to reach the next level. 
  • Flexible location and timing, including evening and weekend classes.
  • One-to-one, one-to-two or small group tutoring available.
  • Online courses: most of our classes can be taken either face to face or online for your convenience. 


Gift Cards

All our services can be purchased as Gift cards to redeem individually or as a group.

We can also offer a totally bespoke program for a special occasion. 


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